Wil je even een hele speciale stemming ?


da's pas echt genieten, indien je vergat wat liefde is


A few remarks- questions for someone who made a pps on the net Arl.P.

About getting old.

Is one indeed the one who one wishes to be ?

Beauty indeed is always in the inner, no matter what age,

But vanity  and the wrong kind of ego takes a lot of energy away.

How many real friends remain, who touch your real inner ?

One can be one’s owns best friend only if one knows oneself.

If that is the case, indeed one will not argue with oneself…or have sorrows.

Is one really happy living alone by oneself ? No.

A man, a woman, a son…can be good company…

Which human touch brings the inner closer ?

The superficial or the one touching one’s very being ?

It’s ok to have freedom, enjoy pleasant things…

Except when it is too much of away in avoiding the inner voice confronting oneself.

If the inner is really peaceful,

even younger people won’t have sarcasm seeing older people.

There indeed are reasons why older people start forgetting things…

As one gets to tires of looking for the mechanisms and lessons for eternity.

What are the reasons of a broken hart ?

Why does one have to say farewell to a dear one ?

Having pain does not continue to give strength.

Feeling the burden and joie of being of age more and more,

 must not indeed make oneself unhappy.

Indeed, continue to be positive, and understand a yes and a no.

Can one really be longing for a good day in the morning,

Knowing one probably will spent the day alone …

And at the same time being grateful in the evening ?

Not caring about what others think of you is not always positive.

How can a negative thing be good even if it hurts no one ?

Do not be afraid to live with the one who fully understand you.

And if one is one can only hope there are the wright reasons for it.

Indeed, complaining is no use when one get’ s older, it’s the weed of our harvest.

One controls more than one thinks.

One can expect more than one thinks from others.

One does not need to be afraid of disillusion…it’s called fear.

One indeed has to learn how to have no hate, but one must be careful.

One cannot always have a head without sorrows, but try to avoid them.

One indeed must enjoy simple things and try to be glad.

And if one has talents for understanding the more complex, develop them.

It can give a very good energy inside.

One must avoid being too helpful in certain cases.

It can be negative to give more and expect less.

Try to make each day a nice one indeed.


These are a few remarks about the other side of ‘truth’ in the pps of the women who names herself Paradise.


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