Between soul and spirit



E.    Between soul and spirit

She bit her nails till bleeding, you did not know why yet.

She kept a distance, did not want children it sometimes seemed.

You did not know why.

You taught that you could help her with her child wounds.

She loved and sometimes pushed away.

Wanting to finish the relationship.

What should you do ?

Isn’t the past of generation stories always pushing true ?

Stories of joie and terrible ones she had shared.

You kept on believing that improvement would come through you.

You have wanted children.

Everyone who comes to play his role, will come.

After three years apart and a dozen living together.

A man as enemy image, due to the past was there again.

You were man and guilty in a way.

Can one carry on trying to help ?

When therapy with the guilty ones back in time lacked ?

Then came new listening ears, a new shoulder for her.

You noticed that there was something you did not know.

Material things also counted, hopefully not.

One cannot stay with somebody that understands your life in detail.

One cannot stay with someone who’s inner calm you can’t support no more.

One cannot stay in that calm when the partner doesn’t want to be nice any more.

Opportunities to overcome the negative part of instinct follow…

Revenge is waiting around the corner…you want someone else as well.

You were new in this game, it takes you with it, on the run.

Somebody else, with no heavy burden on the shoulders,…

Is surely waiting out there somewhere.

Forget it, because you are here to learn about every possible problem.

And your solution…making theory of experience in practice.

While knowing that staying nice and tender and helping is the real solution.

Staying in good mood and helping each other and others.

Always hoping for true love and encountering ancestral and present problems.

You notice some need some to maintain their relation or something in between.

But you do not get it yet, because you are in love.

After the cycle of understanding, letting go, comes the essence of the pain…entering by means of something that happens to others or words spoken.

You had to write about it and play roles in the lives of others.

Constantly adapting to different stages of situations.

Until one becomes like an old three which skin wants to burst.

But this is something for the future you hope.


Nature can comfort you, two pigeons come to drink water.

Let go tiredness and al this above and other terrible things in the world.

You carried too much on your shoulders, like so many in different ways.

Wars never stopped from the days you were a child.

Carry less and take your distance.

Rest a while in the sun, it’s spring again.

Travel in your fantasy to a place near mountain and see.


The light that never becomes dark, that only can be somewhere.

There’s no light in the brain but a lot of light being transported.

Because you keep on loving life.

Because of stars and planets, forget men for a while.

Matter contains space as well.

Create some space in your own.


You’ll have to keep on going on, no matter what.

Only through ones again descending in pain ?

By seeing pain as tragic and comic ?

When you have a good day it will reflect in to the others.

We are all healers true words, connections, tenderness, joy…

But confrontation as well.

Through a good inner relation as well.

We travel with people who want to do good things over again...

But they do not understand with who they can and can’t.

Spiritual bands are not to be broken.

You can’t even try, even dough you think so.


Be glad to be in good health and love your senses.

Your life, do not express it in suffering, but in wisdom and feeling good.

Try to understand your own happiness and don’t blame others to much.

Forgive each other, some have difficulties in coping with life.

But again, do not carry to much weight of others on your shoulders.

Wanting someone back again isn’t always a way forward.


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